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Bedtime Stories is ending. Anyone who’d been around Gregg (and Ilana) and paying attention could see it coming, but that doesn’t make it any less sad. Bedtime Stories is where I started. Gregg was the first person to put me onstage. As Gregg himself said,

BS has been the heart and soul of the Philly alternative comedy scene since it really got going strong. It’s the place that had the biggest and the best crowd, and it’s the place where performers did their best material.

I’m really, really going to miss the show, and the opportunity to work with Gregg (however distantly) every month. Luckily, he followed with this:

I’m also the biggest backer of Jaime Fountaine and all her bizarre characters. She’s a really great friend of mine and I’d love to collaborate with her.

Comedy, though I’ve been doing it for years, is not a place where I’ve ever felt totally comfortable. I’m happy to perform, and to do weird things, and to give it my all, but it’s rare that I feel like what I’m doing is making much of an impact, or making me any less unpopular. (See what I did there?) Gregg hasn’t just gotten the jokes I’ve made for the last four or so years – he’s made sure everyone else heard them. I don’t think that I’d be where I am without him.

When you put yourself out there as often as I do, and you’re met with as much general indifference, it’s hard to explain why you would bother. (Well, except insanity, or a drive for attention that’s surely rooted in being ignored as a child.) Knowing that there are people in the world like Gregg – who believe in what you’re doing for reasons you don’t entirely feel you’ve earned – is good enough for me.

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